Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

The Adventure Log!
Record your victories!

1st Session

The party was imprisoned in the same jail cell. After introducing themselves, they were escorted to a unearthly beauty named Tiadora. She told them to escape and meet a nameless benefactor. She passed them a veil that held various escape objects in its patches. Aadli Quickfoot freed himself by using the lockpicks, but made too much noise and attracted a guard. While the guard was killed before he could raise the alarm, another guard heard the sound of fighting and blew the horn. [Andrew’s Character] cast a mist over the rest of the prison while Aadli freed a friendly ogre named Grumblejack from his holding cell. A window was created in the wall thanks to one of the patches, and the rest of the party escaped out of it and made a mad dash out, followed by the guards hot on their heels. They bum-rushed the two guards at the portcullis and ran out into the night. After the got their bearings together, they started changing into civilian clothes, but Aadli was swallowed by the giant toad Lashtongue. Eildian cast sleep on it and [Brian’s Character] cut open Lashtongue’s stomach, freeing Aadli. The party made it to the location Tiadora told them about, and were introduced to Cardinal Thorn, who offered them a place in his organization that seeks to overthrow Talingarde. The party signed an oath in blood agreeing not to kill each other or Cardinal Thorn. The players then rested and healed while Tiadora went into town to buy them some much-needed equipment.


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